Whois domain: Query whois server to get domain information

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This class is meant to query a whois server to retrieve information about a domain, specifically whether the domain is available for registration.

This class features:

- Domain name string validation

- Knows which whois server to query for domains of different top level domains (TLD).

- More TLD can be supported by adding the respective whois server entries in a separate configuration script.

- Generate an a form select input for the defined tld's.

- Simple domain avaialability check or full information query

- multiple domain query (for all tld's conf. with this class)

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Name: Whois domain
Base name: whois_domain
Description: Query whois server to get domain information
Version: 1.0.0
PHP version: -
License: BSD License
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File Role Description
multi_whois_detail.php Appl. you need this file to get domain details (multi domain request)
multi_whois_list.php Appl. Example for requesting multiple domain information
server_list.php Conf. A list with some whois servers
whois_class.php Class the class source and update information
whois_example.php Example Example of using and some description
whois_redirect_example.php Example use this example to redirect to a page after the check

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