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login with discogs not working

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Subject:login with discogs not working
Summary:login_with_discogs.php needs an extra line of code
Author:Leo de Keijzer
Date:2014-11-26 20:55:39

  1. login with discogs not working   Reply   Report abuse  
Leo de Keijzer - 2014-11-26 20:55:39
My discogs API script suddenly stopped working about a week ago.

You need to add the following line to login_with_discogs.php :

after "$client->server = 'Discogs';"
you should add:
$client->oauth_user_agent = 'YOUR_USER_AGENT';

After adding this line my script was working again.

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Manuel Lemos - 2014-11-26 22:21:02 - In reply to message 1 from Leo de Keijzer
Yes, it seems that when many people use the same HTTP client, Discogs does not process the HTTP requests.

I will add that line to the example script so users of Discogs API may figure the problem quickly.

Thanks for reporting.


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