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Year 0?

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Subject:Year 0?
Summary:What is year 0?
Author:Lee McAuley
Date:2017-08-15 17:47:04


  1. Year 0?   Reply   Report abuse  
Lee McAuley - 2017-08-15 17:47:04
Dude, what is year 0? Is it 0 BCE? Surely it's not 1970-01-01, or if it is, then you've got a serious problem with the 477 leap years that you calculated. But thanks for the insight!

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zinsou A.A.E.Mo´se - 2017-08-15 19:12:24 - In reply to message 1 from Lee McAuley
year 0 is the 1st january 0000 of the gregorian calendar.According to this calendar the most efficient actually in leap year calculation we are the 15 august 2017.So the year 0 here is the starting point of the gregorian calendar.

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Michael Faust - 2020-01-16 18:45:04 - In reply to message 2 from zinsou A.A.E.Mo´se
There is no year 0 in the gregorian calendar. It goes from 1 CE to 1 BCE. Also, the calendar wasn't invented or implemented until the 1500's CE so it is meaningless for dates before that time as that calendar system wasn't in place before then.

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zinsou A.A.E.Mo´se - 2020-01-17 10:15:37 - In reply to message 3 from Michael Faust
You can use any date you want as your year 0. This is what the article try to say. For example some may use the time where they started their computer or server . But Your informations are completely relevant so thanks for your comment.Have a nice day.