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Laravel Relational Data Model
Many applications use databases to store and retrieve application data objects defined using model classes.

Usually data objects of different model classes need to establish relationships with each other.

This package provides a trait that can be used in model classes, so you can hierarchical relationships between parent and child objects.
Orbisius PHP dotenv Parser Class
dotenv is a file format that defines configuration variables for customizing details of operation in the environment that an application is running on.

This package can parse dotenv files to extract and assign environment configuration variables that PHP applications can access using the $_ENV or the $_SERVER superglobal array variables or the getenv function.
PHP httpful Request
This package can send and process HTTP requests using handler class.

It can send HTTP requests with a wrapper class around the PHP Curl extension.

The package can also provide means to register handler classes that can parse HTTP request responses with data with a given MIME type, as well serialize request data of the same MIME type to be sent as payload of the HTTP requests that are sent.

The package already comes with built-in MIME handler classes for format data types like CSV, form data, HTML, JSON and XML.
PHP Web Push Notifications Server
Web based push notifications are useful to let users of a site know about anything new that happens on a site that may be of the interest of those users.

This package provides a complete solution to register users interested to subscribe to get notifications from a site, queue notifications to be pushed to the users when they come to the site, and even perform maintenance on the notifications and subscriptions created by the users.
Zoom is a very popular video-conference application used by many people around the world.

This package provides a PHP based API to perform operations to manage different aspects of video-conferences provided by Zoom.
WordPress Recaptcha Integration
Recaptcha is a secure solution to help Web applications verify if the current user submitting a form is a real human user.

This package provides a plugin to automatically make Recaptcha based controls appear in different types of forms of WordPress and other applications built on top of WordPress like Woocommerce and BuddyPress.
CodeIgniter Admin Panel with User Management
CodeIgniter is a very popular framework to develop PHP applications.

One common use of this framework is to create applications that have registered users.

This package provide a control panel to implement services to manage users with records stored in a database using CodeIgniter.
PHP Wikipedia API
Wikipedia is a very popular Web site that hosts articles about many topics that people in general want to know.

This class provides PHP based API that accesses Wikipedia API to manage articles published in Wikipedia.
Find PHP Service
This package implements an application to find services in a near location.

It provides a Web based user interface to perform searches on a database of existing providers that can perform services that the user needs.

The package uses Google Maps to display the providers information on a map to be displayed on the page.
Ajudaime API
This package provides an API to find people close to the user who needs help.

The API can record needs of users with details like their location, as well list, update and remove those needs from the database on which those needs are recorded.

It can also manage donations by other users that address those needs.

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