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Description: Documentation
Class: Simple PHP XLSX Generator
Export data in Excel XLSX format
Author: By
Last change: 0.9.14 fixed num2name A-Z,AA-AZ
0.9.13 if string more 160 chars, save as inlineStr
0.9.12 readme fixed
0.9.11 removed XML unimportant attributes
0.9.11 removed XML unimportant attributes
0.9.11 removed XML unimportant attributes
Date: 1 month ago
Size: 2,439 bytes


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SimpleXLSXGen class 0.9.14 (Official)

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Export data to Excel XLSX file. PHP XLSX generator. No external tools and libraries.<br/> (!) XLSX reader here.

Sergey Shuchkin <> 2020<br/>

Hey, bro, please ? the package for my motivation :)

Basic Usage

$books = [
    ['ISBN', 'title', 'author', 'publisher', 'ctry' ],
    [618260307, 'The Hobbit', 'J. R. R. Tolkien', 'Houghton Mifflin', 'USA'],
    [908606664, 'Slinky Malinki', 'Lynley Dodd', 'Mallinson Rendel', 'NZ']
$xlsx = SimpleXLSXGen::fromArray( $books );

XLSX screenshot

// SimpleXLSXGen::download() or SimpleXSLSXGen::downloadAs('table.xlsx');


The recommended way to install this library is through Composer. New to Composer?

This will install the latest supported version:

$ composer require shuchkin/simplexlsxgen

or download class here


Data types

$data = [
    ['Integer', 123],
    ['Float', 12.35],
    ['Procent', '12%'],
    ['Datetime', '2020-05-20 02:38:00'],
    ['String', 'See SimpleXLSXGen column autosize feature']
SimpleXLSXGen::fromArray( $data )->saveAs('datatypes.xlsx');

XLSX screenshot


v0.9.14 (2020-05-31) fixed num2name A-Z,AA-AZ column names, thx Ertan Yusufoglu<br/> v0.9.13 (2020-05-21) if string more 160 chars, save as inlineStr<br/> v0.9.12 (2020-05-21) readme fixed<br/> v0.9.11 (2020-05-21) removed XML unimportant attributes<br/> v0.9.10 (2020-05-20) initial release

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.