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Class: PHP Typo3 Slack Channel Bot
Chat bot to interact in Typo3 Slack channel
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Botty - The TYPO3 Slack Bot

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Hi, I am Botty I am in each channel on, even if you do not see me. Talk to me by start a message with @T3Bot or with the command prefix.

A list of the commands I can understand is documented in the Wiki.

Developer Notes

If you want to contribute, fork this repository and send a pull request.


This project requires PHP 7.0


# copy env file and adjust 
cp .env.example .env

# composer install
composer install

# database mgiration
./bin/doctrine-migrations --configuration=Build/migrations.xml --db-configuration=Build/migrations-db.php migrations:migrate

Unit Test

./bin/phpunit -c Build/UnitTests.xml

Coverage report

rm -rf public/docs
./bin/phpunit -c Build/UnitTests.xml --coverage-html public/docs

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.